Based in Adelaide, Innovative Contacts is an Australian and New Zealand distribution company of speciality contact lenses. We supply Optometrists with exclusive RGP products manufactured by Corneal Lens Corporation (CLC).

Innovative Contacts is passionate about speciality contact lenses designed from corneal topography, and the role we can play to assist building optometric practices. We offer the complete package of long-term specialty practice building options for practitioners, which includes new age Lux RGP lenses, custom Forge orthokeratology lenses, and custom Scleral 5ZRS semi-sclerals. Our designs use EyeSpace lens design software to ensure optimum fits for irregular corneas using spherical, toric and quadrant specific back surface designs.

Our wide range of products and resources accompanied by technical support and innovative EyeSpace software empowers optometrists to differentiate themselves in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment.


To create a path others will follow…

All businesses must continually evolve to meet consumer needs, trends and expectations while providing a future financial base to invest in new equipment and technologies. Finding a market niche to differentiate in an competitive environment for a strong business model is critical to compete profitably in future years.


A strategic vision for optometry…

EyeSpace, state of the art software technology, allows speciality RGP lens designs to perfectly match patient corneas. This provides maximum lens comfort, centration, visual acuity and optimum eye health on even highly irregular and astigmatic corneas.

This unique software package calculates corneal shapes from topographical height data rather than keratometric readings. Such a unique approach has resulted in a powerful and user friendly software tool, which designs optimum fits for individual patients from corneal topography and micron-accurate sag calculations.

Innovative Contacts has launched leading designs in alignment RGPs, Custom “Forge” OrthoK, day wear “Lux” and Scleral 5ZRS designs using EyeSpace covering all difficult irregular corneas, including keratoconus, with great success.


One that turns a vision into reality…

Only companies like Innovative Contacts that deliver on results with leading contact lens designs and products can claim such a title. Practitioners achieving good patient eye health, comfort, visual acuity and meeting lifestyle expectations in a rewarding business package is challenging. This can be met with excellence in technical service, and the use of exclusive global leading products, which can provide improved professional reward. These speciality lenses also have excellent business longevity, and allow practitioners to compete in our rapidly and ever changing multimedia world.

Innovative Contacts is proactive in educational training workshops for practitioners in Australia and New Zealand in OrthoK, Scleral and speciality contact lens fitting. The launch of our informative knowledgebase site includes fluorescein topography examples, extensive troubleshooting and technical analysis of various difficult fits. Helping assist practitioners to quickly identify inadequate fitting aspects, and how best to rectify these problems, greatly reduces chair time and improves first lens fitting success.




Lachlan graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with Honours in 2007. In the same year Lachlan was awarded the Don Noack award for excellence in contact lenses. After graduating Lachlan began working for Ron Fieldhouse & Associates where he fits a wide variety of patients mainly with RGP contact lenses. In 2008 while working in Adelaide he completed therapeutic training at the University of Melbourne. Lachlan has lectured internationally on contact lenses and has a special interest in Orthokeratology. Lachlan uses specially designed ortho-K lenses to correct a wide variety corneas and ametropia, including, low myopia, high myopia, moderate astigmatism, hyperopia, post LASIK, and irregular corneae.

Lachlan is a director of Innovative Contacts, a company that specializes in the design, supply, and advice for fitting RGP, and in particular ortho-K contact lenses. In March 2010 Lachlan purchased the long standing city practice of R. Fieldhouse & Associates, now known as Innovative Eye Care.



Kendrew has 35 years experience in the contact Lens industry, where he worked in various manufacturing, technical and management roles. This started with OPSM in 1979 where he left as the contact lens laboratory supervisor to be a founding director of Nu-Contacts Laboratories in 1988. Following the sale of NuContacts to Coopervision in 2002, he had various roles including Product Specialist, Customer Relations Manager, Tailor Made & Technical Support Manager and consultancy work with the Institute of Learning.

Kendrew is a director of Innovative Contacts and joined in April 2012 as the National Sales and Technical Consultant.


National Operations/Account Management and Technical support/sales

Harold has joined Innovative Contacts from a background in the optical industry as a qualified optical dispenser and ophthalmic equipment sales manager. Recently, Harold’s experience with Menicon Australia in contact lenses, contact lens solutions supply and technical support has broadened his skill set for delivering improved vision and eye health products and services.

As a part of the Innovative Contacts team, Harold is dedicated to providing the best contact lens designs and services for assisting and supporting professional practitioners to achieve excellence in Orthokeratology treatment, Scleral and RGP vision and eye health for patients.