Our wide range of products and resources accompanied by technical support and innovative EyeSpace software empowers optometrists to differentiate themselves in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment. More information can be found on the EyeSpace Website and the EyeSpace Knowledge Base.


EyeSpace is the most powerful contact lens design, topography analysis, and collaboration software ever put together. With the ability to import data from popular topographers, including the Medmont E300 and Oculus Pentacam, it is the easiest way to get more from your topographer.

The contact lens design and simulation realistic, fully tuneable contact lens simulations based on advanced mathematics and clinical trials. Using the EyeSpac platform you can request support and troubleshooting advice, and track and trace your orders through to delivery.

Forge Orthokeratology

Developed using EyeSpace lens design software, Forge Orthokeratology lenses are the next generation of custom designed orthokeratology lenses. The Forge Ortho-K range of lenses has a number of designs capable of correcting a wide range refractive error, including astigmatism, and is available in rotationally symmetric, toric, and quadrant speciļ¬c meridian variants. This is the largest OrthoK range available covering low and high myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, post LASIK, myopia control, and astigmatic corneas.

EyeSpace Scleral

In designing the EyeSpace Scleral, extensive research was undertaken to ensure optimum fitting characteristics. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging was used to assess corneal-scleral relationships, and to calculate ideal scleral lens landing angles on the para-limbal sclera. This, in turn, enabled a more accurately designed lens that promotes excellent corneal health and stable vision, while maintaining all day comfort in the lens. As the lens is mostly sealed on the eye, Boston XO material is used to allow high oxygen permeability while wearing the lens. All lenses are plasma coated for optimum wettability.

EyeSpace Bespoke RGP

EyeSpace also offer a full range of customised day-wear RGP lenses in the Bespoke range.